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From: Richard Schwartz 
To: info@adrenalinetourscuracao.com
Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2012 1:20 AM
Subject: Re: Jet Ski Tour in December.

Roy and company,

Thank you for an incredible day today in Curacao.
Your staff was extremely kind and helped make
for a jet skis tour we will always remember.

Richard Schwartz.

Name: steve&heather medeiros
E-mail: steve_medeiros@rogers.com
Date Posted: 10:49, 20 03 2012
Message: Fantastic day with David as our guide. Fun ride on the ski-doos and a good snorkle! Our second time and we had a blast. Thanks! Merci Beaucoup!

Name: kristine and john brackett
E-mail: krissyb21@comcast.net
Date Posted: 14:01, 16 12 2011
Message: enjoyed the aquaboat trip very much. it was our second time. we are traveling with adevnture of the seas. all the guides were helpful and informative. we may be back again next year. thanks to rae, david and john for making the trip soooo much fun.

Name: Trip Turlington
E-mail: turlingtonj3@gmail.com
Date Posted: 12:21, 10 12 2011
Message: We are a couple that enjoys things a little off the beaten path…and we found it with this tour. We weren’t looking for an all day excursion…just a couple of hours and something unique…we found it here. The driver picked us up from the hotel and ran us through neighborhoods instead of main roads, and the kayak tour was perfect…a great workout, tremendous scenery, and a sunken boat to snorkel around while our guide found us eels, seahorses, and sea snakes to play with. What a great afternoon…THANK YOU!!!!

Name: v w
E-mail: wilsonvicki@yahoo.com
Date Posted: 15:03, 06 12 2011
Message: The kayak and snorkel trip was fantastic and a nice workout. Great staff was very accomadating. Excellent equipment and safety conscious. Thank you!

Name: carl erickson
E-mail: carl@cascadefamilypractise.com
Date Posted: 09:50, 02 12 2011
Message: excelent, alot of fun. i would really do it agian
adventure of the seas 2011

Name: Bill Sinex
E-mail: wrsinex@aol.com
Date Posted: 10:15, 01 12 2011
Message: Tons of fun! Jetskis were a blast – gorgeous views. Lots of colorful fish at the tugboat including trumpet fish and gray angelfish. Ray was a fantastic host and guide!
Carnival Miracle Dec 2011

Name: Jim&Julie Nowell
E-mail: julenow@gmail.com
Date Posted: 09:35, 16 11 2011
Message: This was a wonderful experience. Loved the wave running, the snorkeling spot was filled with many species of beautiful fish. Ray did a super job. Very caring about our enjoyment.

Name: Travis Markel
E-mail: tmarkel@comcast.net
Date Posted: 14:19, 08 11 2011
Message: We had a great time and we saw a bunch of great stuff. Would highly recommend. Thanks!

Name: Ali
E-mail: aljizzle@gmail.com
Date Posted: 10:57, 01 06 2010
Message: Adrenaline is the perfect name for the this excursion because it truly a fun adventure. The sea boats were alot of fun, the snorkling was amazing, the support staff wsa very friendly and helpful…i wish it a bit longer thats all. Look forward to coming back again soon!

Name: angela
E-mail: angelalewi@gmail.com
Date Posted: 14:46, 27 11 2009
Message: One of the nicest, most competent sites I have ever seen…beautiful! Good luck with your work and fun —- adrenaline is a great name, the photos are just right: Sail on!

Name: Dixie
Date Posted: 10:26, 29 10 2008

Name: David&Sophie
Date Posted: 16:05, 05 09 2008
Message: Thank you for such a fun hour!! We had a great time with a great guide and hopefully we will be back again soon!
D & S

Name: Yiming Zhai
Date Posted: 11:04, 27 08 2008
Message: very friendly and helpful guides. small group, a lot of information and a lot of fun! Thanks, guys!

Name: Eva en Andre
Date Posted: 11:37, 06 08 2008
Message: Helemaal SUPER! We hebben de tour van een uur met de jet ski gedaan. Prachtige dingen gezien, hoge golven, zeker genoten! Een hele aardige gids heeft ons begeleid en wist ons de mooie plekjes te wijzen. Helemaal top dus!

Name: Daniel van de Venne
E-mail: dvdvenne@gmail.com
Date Posted: 16:43, 30 07 2008
Message: Ik heb doodsangsten uitgestaan, maar het was zeker de moeite waard. De aqua boot tour was beslist het leukste wat we deze vakantie hebben gedaan!!!!

Name: Jeff Nesbit
E-mail: Nezzy@live.com
Date Posted: 17:55, 24 07 2008
Message: We had a great time, really enjoyed the tour, great tour guide. If looking for something to do we would recomend coming

Name: Testah Maan
E-mail: maan@testah.com
Date Posted: 15:36, 24 07 2008
Message: Aha…test.

Name: asbroek
E-mail: kittyasbroek@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 11:50, 24 07 2008
Message: Een enorme aanrader, het was super! Het kajakken in open water in combinatie met snorkelen bij de tukboot was een prachtige ervaring en zeker de moeite waard om het eens zelf te ervaren! Veel succes met de otnwikkeling van jullie trips!
Groeten fam. Asbroek

Name: kris en kelly
E-mail: kris.van.moere@telenet.be
Date Posted: 11:34, 20 07 2008
Message: zeer leuke trip gehad zeker de moeite moet je doen leuke begeleiding bedankt hiervoor

Name: geert heyerick
E-mail: geert.heyerick@skynet.be
Date Posted: 10:55, 16 07 2008
Message: het was een zeer leuke ervqring en goeie begeleiding, echt tof , wanneer we terugkomen zeker nog eens doen, weliswaar eens in t water gekiepert maar ja t was fun

Name: Jodie en Stefan
E-mail: moviemeister@gmail.com
Date Posted: 10:44, 16 07 2008
Message: De jetski tour was heel vermakelijk. Lekker hard gaan en mooie omgeving. Verder ook lekkere golven voor de adrenaline, hence the name. We zouden het zo nog een keer doen. Het was het echt waard. Een avontuur om nooit te vergeten.

Name: denise en robert
E-mail: deniserozendaal@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 11:52, 12 07 2008
Message: het jetski was echt gaaf.
veel zout happen maar dat heb je op het spaanse water.
ik raad iedereen aan om dit een keer te doen.
dit was tof bedankt hiervoor.

Name: Marcia
E-mail: m-valentin@comcast.net
Date Posted: 12:44, 18 06 2008
Message: Great time!! A must try for everyone. The area is beautiful and the aquaboats are exciting.
Dont miss it!