Stand Up paddling, SUP action, tours & rentals

Curacao Stand Up paddling Caracasbay, SUP action, SUP tours and rentals

After your instruction you are ready to start your Curacao SUP work out.

We have two option,

1)     You rent your board and you can SUP in the lagoon where there is not much wind and the water is flat. Through the canal you can SUP to the Caracasbay and go to one of the beaches in the Caracasbay.

2)     A) We drop you with the SUP boards North East of the Caracasbay at Directors bay. Here you can start your Curacao SUP adventure. With the wind and current on your own pace, you paddle back to our office passing by different beaches, coves and piers.
You can have a stop and visit the renovated Fort Beekenburg, or stop on the beach for a swim or snorkel event. Caracasbay is well known for its crystal clear water, and while you stand on your SUP board, admire all the different blue colors of the sea, see the corals and fish while you peddle in these pristine waters.

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