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Rent Jet Ski’s, boats or kayaks or snorkel gear

The best area in Curacao to rent Jet Ski’s, to rent boats or to rent kayaks is at the Caracas bay. 

The bay is one of the largest bays of Curacao and has different beaches surrounded by high cliffs and is somewhat protected from the open sea, ideal for a nicer ride. You will receive instructions so that you will have a safe ride in the bay. Further you find in the Caracas bay several very nice snorkeling spots, one of them, the most popular is the tugboat.

We offer Jet Ski rental, boat rental and kayak rental within a restricted area of the Caracas bay. If you want to feel a rush of adrenaline, rent a Jet Ski or go for the banana boat/G-force towable. 

If you like the quietness and prefer to peddle along the coast line by yourself enjoying the beautiful surroundings of our bay, to have a swim at different beaches, snorkel at different areas and spot sea birds, then you should rent a kayak. 

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