Klein Curacao Speedboat Adventure taxi service



Save money to Klein Curacao. Lowest price and fastest safest way to Klein Curacao, least chance of getting seasick. We have weekly and weekend departures.

Enjoy the pristine waters of Klein Curacao and white sandy beach. Snorkel along the shore and have a great chance of spotting turtles in the water. Take a walk to the lighthouse or visit the rocky and rough water North coast of Klein Curacao.

Waterproof camera, Swimsuit and cover-up, Sun protection, Water/Drinks/lunch box, Change of clothes, Towel

Water/Drinks/lunch box, Snorkel gear

Pregnant women and guests with back/neck problems may not select this tour.
For all ages, consider physical fitness.
Guests must be able to climb up the stairs to the boat platform stairs.
Tour is not wheelchair accessible.
Avoid alcohol before water activities.

All tours have a roundtrip service for an extra fee 


USD 85 , ( inclusive lunch, drinks, snacks, snorkel gear )      

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