Curacao only coastal kayak tour

A-Tours Curacao organizes 2 hour kayak tours in the Caracas bay with a stop at Curacaos most popular snorkel spot at the sunken tugboat. Underwater- there’s no limit to what aquatic life you can see such as: colorful coral, morays, scorpion fish, lobsters, plus schools of all sorts of little squiggly ones! Above water- enjoy the picturesque view of an old manorial estate and Fort Beekenburg, a well-preserved fort that was originally built in 1703 to protect the inner bay. 

Further for groups we have special kayak tours in Curacaos largest lagoon, the Spanish water lagoon, Jan Thiel beach and snorkeling kayak tour, sunset kayak tours and night tours.

Do you want to visit Fort Beekenburg, want to know the history of the Quarantine building, snorkel at the Tugboat, discover the Spanish Water lagoon, take a swim at Hyatt Curacao Beach or Directors bay, kayak with full moon or admire a million stars, enjoy the sunset and being active at the same time, kayak to Jan Thiel beach and surfing the waves? Reasons enough to go on adventure with Adrenaline Tours Curacao!!!

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Tour includes, guide, drinks (soft, juice, water), life vest, snorkel equipment. Ask for our Round trip transportation option at Curacao cruise terminals or hotels. Bring sunscreen, towel, and dry clothes.

All tours have a roundtrip service for an extra fee >>>

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