Aqua Boat safari and Snorkeling



Our Aquaboats are custom made boats. They are wider then a jet ski and perfect for touring. The Aquaboats drive more as a comfortable touring car whereas a jet ski drives more like a sports car.
Curacao Aqua boat safari tour and snorkeling.

Drive your own boat while you enjoy the magnificent views of Curacao Luxury houses, boats, mangroves and small Islands. See one of the Dutch Queens vacation homes, Cruise the coastal area with its coves bays and beaches. Snorkel at Curacao best snorkel spots in the underwater park of Curacao, where you will find a sunken tugboat which now is home for numerous fish. It’s not uncommon if you even see flying fish and turtles on your way or sometimes even see dolphins. Book now for this exciting adventure in Curacao.

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Price Curacao Aqua boat safari tour and snorkeling

Our standard departure times are 9.30, 12.30 and 13.30, For cruiselines we pick up guest 1 hour before departure, will be 8.30, 11.30 or 12.30. If a ship arrives 2pm we start with pick up at 2.30pm, first pick up is half hour after cruiseline arrival.

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